• Parent Code of Conduct

    Freedom High School Boys Soccer Parents
    I Agree To...
    1. Accompany my son to as many informational meetings as possible.
    2. Accept the authority of the coach to determine strategy and player selection
    3. Avoid the use of tobacco and refrain from being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs during practices, contests or any events.
    4. Help my son follow the Athlete Code of Conduct, team Philosophy and Rules.
    5. Encourage my son during matches and leave the coaching to the coach.
    6. Ensure that my son attend all scheduled meetings, practices and contests. If my son is not able to make a scheduled meeting, practice or contest, they will be responsible for contacting the coach in advance.
    7. Provide only supportive comments to coaches, officials, and players of all teams.
    8. Show enthusiasm, interest and support for our son.
    9. Work closely with all program personnel to guarantee academic as well as athletic experiences for my son as a student-athlete. 
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