For the 2021-22 school year, all athletic registration will be done online.  Click the link below to register or the instruction link below for a detailed YouTube explanation.

    Please see team pages for team policies, forms and schedules. 
    Below you will find forms used by the athletic department as well as corresponding policies and handbooks for athletes, coaches, and parents. 
                              Athletic Registration & Clearance Instructional Video 
    Directions for Registration: 
    Use link above and go to online registration.
    Register and fill out all forms on athleticclearance.com
    Make sure to complete all forms and sign all of the parent and student pages  (registrations will not be complete if any are incomplete).
    Download and print the medical clearance form and have a doctor fill it out and sign and date it on or after June 1, 2021. Physicals dated before June 1, 2021 cannot be accepted even if they are less then a year old. 
    Upload your completed medical clearance form into your online registration. 
    Do not turn it into a coach or member of the office staff.
    If you have ever enrolled in or attended another high school other than Freedom High School, regardless if you played sports there, you must make an appointment with the athletic director to complete transfer student paperwork. On your online registration please answer transfer student questions and print the form.  Please bring the form to your appointment. 
    Contact Sandra Torres torress@luhsd.net to schedule a transfer student appointment. 
    All inside sports please fill out the testing registration on the athletics annoucement page of this site.  It must be complete and accurate in order to process covid testing. Thank you