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    C/2024 Cabinet (2023-24) Seniors

    President, Jaelynn Fejerang
    Vice President, Joy Kaka
    Assistant to the VP, Jaden Montgomery
    Co-Secretary, Alexa Maloney
    Co-Secretary, Chelsea Hummel
    Co-Treasurer, Ernesto Orozco
    Co-Treasurer, Emily Navarro
    Co-Publications, Josiah Harris
    Co-Publications, Randalyn Koger


    C/2024 Cabinet (2022-23)

    President, McKenna Vincent
    Vice President, Isabella Duenas
    Co-Secretary, Jaelynn Fejerang
    Co-Secretary, Alexa Maloney
    Co-Treasurer, Chiamaka Oguman
    Co-Treasurer, Ernesto Orozco
    Co-Publications, Geena Echon
    Co-Publications, Richard Connell


    Kathy Burke burkek@luhsd.net

    Maria Elera eleram@luhsd.net


    The Junior Prom Dance

    Saturday May 6th, 2023: 7-10pm

    Pick up BIDS at your building office.

    Sale at the student union and ONLINE - CLICK HERE

    Monday - Thursday May 1-4@Lunch, $45w/ASB, $50 

    Thursday May 4 After school 3:30-4pm, $50 

    Last day of sale is May 4 @4pm


    Save the Dates:

    Walk Thru – July 13, 14 & 18. 

    During walk thru/ registration we have a booth set up where you have the opportunity to talk to us and learn more about the class events. ​You will also be able to:​

    • Purchase our class apparel​
    • Learn about our upcoming events​
    • Find our social media pages to keep up with important info​
    • Get involved/sign up to help in our events
    Saturday August 27th from 6:00 pm.-8:30 pm. In PAC The Junior class will be hosting a Pokemon movie night AND a short student/parent meeting to introduce our homecoming theme POKEMON! This is a free event and we hope to see our Junior class students there!
    Homecoming Week September 19th-24th​. Summer work parties for B/C & Homecoming.

            -Start July 18th-31st weekdays only 

            -Start again on August 8th-31st 

            -September 1st - 22nd (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3:30 - 5 pm)

            -September 19th - 22th (Monday-Thursday 3:30 - until 7 pm) 

    Elections for Senior Class Officers:
    • Election packets are out! Pick one up in I108 if you would like to run!

    • Anyone can run for any position on cabinet

    • Available positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity

    • All requirements will be stated in the election packet

    • An interview with the advisors is scheduled for February 9 at 330pm.

    • If you have any questions about running for a position, please ask our advisors or the activities director in i108

    *Junior Prom: May 6th *
    Restaurant Fundraiser Dates: August 25th, November 2nd, February 7th, May 10th. Restaurant fundraisers allow us to partner with a restaurant and gain profit when a student or parent buys something from that restaurant on the day of the fundraiser. Be sure to let them know it is for a class of 24 fundraiser.! We have one per quarter.
    Car Wash Dates: October 29th, March 11th. Our car wash fundraisers allow students to engage in a fun activity while helping out our class. We do one car wash per semester. 


    Food Fair Dates: September 8th, November 9th, February 9th, May 4th​. During food fair we are able to sell food to the students during lunch along with other clubs and classes. Food fair helps us raise a lot of funds for our class. We have one food fair each quarter. 


    Food sales week dates: November 7th-11th, April 3rd-7th . Food sales weeks are when students get a bag of snacks to sell throughout the week to raise funds for our class. We get one food sales week per semester.


    C/2024 Cabinet (2021-22)

    President, Jazmine Smith
    Vice President, McKenna Vincent
    Secretary, Jaelynn Fegerang
    Treasurer, Chiamaka Oguman
    Publications officer, Geena Echon
    C/2024 Cabinet (2020-21)
    President, Kellie Nguyen
    Vice President, McKenna Vincent
    Secretary, Annabelle Attia
    Treasurer, Jazmine Smith
    Publications officer, Jorden Jones


    Website Pages

    Click here to read more about PARENT/STUDENT MEETINGS

    Click here to read more about JUNIOR PROM

    Click here to read more about WELCOME LETTER

    Click here to read more about FUNDRAISERS

    Click here to read more about SOCIAL MEDIA



    Cabinet Picnic July 6, 2021

    July 6 

    Cabinet 2020-21

    christmas officers photo