•  The Kriger's Web Page ....

    Hi and welcome back to the 4th Quarter ....


    I want all of you Seniors to graduate and the way to get there is by getting the assignments off the main page of this website and finishing them and turning them in.


    Each week assignment will be put on the website and you use your textbook (on the clever) or the internet or the Kriger's twice weekly presentation of information and answer the questions and e-mail your (answers) work to the Kriger. 


    Let me get this straight... I find the work on the website and do the work and turn it in and get credit for it? Yes.... 


    What if I don't understand? You can e-mail kriger or you visit him on Zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between Noon and 1 pm.


    Will the Kriger cover the material in a classroom structure? Yes - On Tuesdays and Thursdays - Kriger will present info from 1pm to 1:45pm. 




    The Kriger will e-mail you each week ... to check up on you... your assignment is to respond and tell the Kriger what work you have to do.

    This is how you get credit for the class ... you have to e-mail back ... telling the Kriger what work you have by Wednesday. 


    Kriger will have a zoom period open to help you... every Thursday between 10am and noon. 

    You can also e-mail Kriger with any questions you have and he can help you as well.


    How can I contact The Kriger?


    The Kriger can be reached by e-mail at Krigerr@luhsd.net You can find this by going to the Freedom High School Web site.


    This is my schedule 

    Monday                      Tuesday                 Wednesday                  Thursday                                  Friday 

                                                                                                         10- 12 noon 

    12noon to 1pm          1pm to 1:45            12noon to 1pm          Tutorial Support                       12 noon to 1pm 

    Zoom Questions        Government            Zoom Questions        (With Streeter)                         Zoom Questions 

      Government             Direct Instruction     Government              (Zoom)                                    Government 

                                       Zoom (live)                                                  1pm to 1:45 

                                       (optional but                                                 Government

                                         you know I give                                       Direct Instruction

                                         answers)                                                    Live ... Same as Tuesday 


                                        Kriger Updates                                          Kriger Updates

                                         Edgenuity  2:30pm                                    Edgenuity 2:30pm