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    C - Building - Mr. Mario Alcázar 

    • This is his first year working at freedom high
    • He's the middle child of a big family.
    • He's bilinguel
    • Before he decided to work at freedom, he worked with at risk teenagers

    B - building - Ms. Erricka Clarke

    • Loves to be outdoors
    • Goes hiking in her free time
    • Hiking and seeing nature is her own way of self-care

    D - building - Ms. Jimena Morales

    • Wants to help anyone she can
    • Is open-minded about talking to you about anything, just wants to be there for you.

    E - building - Mrs. Gerthy Loveday-Cohen

    • worked as a middle school counselor for 20 years in New Mexico.
    • She majored in clinical psychology.
    • Loves to see the kids she works with grow and succeed
    • Loves to see how peoples minds work, and will listen to you and help you as much as possible

       Mrs. Maria Sanchez

    • Has 3 kids
    • Has worked at freedom for 8 years, though in total has worked 13 years as a counselor
    • wants to help as much as she can to see you grow
    • When COVID first started in March, she went to all the seniors' houses and personally talked to them.
    • Does crafts, and loves flowers.




    Created By :  Brittany R. -  Bianca C. - Harpreet K.