• Students’ punctuality is an expectation at Freedom High School. This year we will be using a new behavior management system called HERO.




    • If a student is not in class when the tardy bell rings, they will be marked absent until they arrive.
    • A student who is late must report to the nearest building office, or find the nearest campus supervisor, to have their IDs scanned.
    • Once scanned, the student will be issued a tardy pass, and the tardy will automatically be reflected in their attendance. The tardy pass will indicate what time the student was scanned, as well as indicate what the student’s consequence is.
    • The student must show their tardy pass to the teacher to enter the room. Teachers will be instructed not to allow tardy students to enter the classroom unless they have a tardy pass.
    • Campus supervisors will also be using HERO to issue consequences to students who are out of class without a pass.




    • If a student arrives to class after 30 minutes (8 minutes for their Advisory period), without prior, parental, administrative or teacher approval, they are considered truant. The student will have to go to the nearest office to get a tardy pass. A student who doesn’t report to class at all is also considered truant.
    • A truancy must be cleared by a parent by calling the attendance office at 625-5900 ext. 3045.
    • An absence not cleared will show up as a truancy and make-up work may not be allowed.
    • Appropriate disciplinary consequences will be assigned. Students are accountable for their attendance to Advisory periods.
    • A student with excessive truancies will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).


    For more information regarding consequences for tardies and truancies, please refer to the Parent and Student Handbook.

    For more information regarding the importance of Attendance, click here (Link Attendance Flyer for Parents (English).