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    NEW MEMBER UPDATE  Updated 5/25/2023 

    The students below have completed the application process and will be invited to the NHS Induction Ceremony on August 24th , 2023. These students completed the application and provided a teacher's recommendation.  Additionally, these students are in the process of being verified by the faculty committee and approved by the school Principal.  The acceptance process is not final until the induction day, and is only eligible to 10th grade students. The application deadline was May 5th, 2023.   

    If you were expecting to see your name, please email Mr. Hollister, as omissions or errors may be possible.  

    Student Name
    Ahmadi, Hadia
    Alagwu, Chinenye
    Allen, Ashton
    Alvarado, Juliana
    Anthony, Gabriel
    Ave, Aisa
    Baarda, Grace
    Barros, Ethan
    Betonte, Gunnar
    Boccia, Adam
    Bongon, Ysabel Francine
    Bratcher, Heavenor
    Bridges, Allison
    Camacho, Abigail
    Cameron, Addison
    Chulaparn, Serene
    Cirino, Josalyn
    Clenney, Landon
    Connolly, Evan
    Cortesi, Paige
    Crisostomo, Lisette
    Criswell, Brandon
    Criswell, Destiny
    Cruz, Ashley
    Curry, Kamryn
    Damian, Myriam
    De La O, Ariel
    De Leon, Lane Victoria
    Dehart, Lily
    Emmons, Caleb
    Esquivel, Jiselle
    Flores Campos, Arianna
    Fray, Joseph
    Fye, Skyler
    Galinato, Azelia Cheriss
    Gallegos, Victoria
    Garcia, Ana
    Garcia, Elisha Kate
    Garcia, Gabriella
    Garcia, Olivia
    Gardiner, Tyson
    Gelo, Adriana
    Gonzalez, Alessia
    Graves, Jaclyn
    Gutierrez, Manuel
    Hansen, Mia
    Hayath, Mariam
    Hill, Nazarah
    Hoang, Hien
    Holder, Lorelei
    Hunt, Myles
    Ibarra, Zulema
    Jaramillo, Tatiana
    Kaleialii, Gabrielle
    Kaur, Harpreet
    Keas, Lauren
    Knight, Rylee
    Ladhar, Muskan
    Leal, Ella
    Lindsay, Marissa
    Loredo, Michael
    Lorenzana, Keyn
    Lucido, Sofia
    Martinez, Angelina
    Martinez, Ricardo
    Mateo, Kristen
    McCants, Stephen
    McDaniel, Katelynn
    Mendoza, Abigail
    Mesina, Ethan
    Miller, Josiah
    Mitchell, Adeline
    Mora, Michelle
    Muni, Shriya
    Nucup, Angelica
    Ortega, Guadalupe
    Padelford, Seraphina
    Pate, Jocelyn
    Pavon, Kaila
    Pedersen, Noelle
    Pentacoff, Paulina
    Perez, Jade
    Perryman Rucker, Nariah
    Pogue, Samantha
    Ponce, Alaynah
    Ramirez-Ybanez, Olivia
    Reed, Carter
    Remo, Matthew
    Resch, Brittany
    Reyes, Sofia
    Silz, Olivia
    Singh, Harneet
    Singh, Riddhi
    Singleton, Corrina
    Smith, Kennedy
    Smith, Morgan
    Souza, Eve
    Straub, Ella
    Tang, Heida
    Thompson, Marcian
    Tryon, Addison
    Urbshot, Olivia
    Valencia, Angel
    Vengley, Emma
    Vigil, Joshua
    Villegas, Makena
    Walizada, Sabrina
    Watson, Jasmine
    Young, John
    Zamora, Lauren
    Zelaya, Mateo
    Zimmer, Delaney


    About NHS:

    National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.


    *Check out our calendar for meetings, updates, and future events*


    Our Advisors: 

    Joe Hollister - hollisterj@luhsd.net

    Sheila Angelo - angelos@luhsd.net

    Updated 5/24/2023

    Freedom High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.