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    Welcome to Rugby's information page; your first stop to becoming a rugger. The boys and girls teams are hosted by Liberty High School. Regardless of where the teams are hosted, being a rugby player means you are a varsity athlete at Freedom High School. That means all players will be required to get a sports physical, be cleared through Athletic Clearance, maintain the minimum GPA as required for all athletes, and adhere to all rules, regulations, and expectations as set forth by the club, school, and district.

    Mission Statement: To provide a fun sociable atmosphere for all club members.

    Vision: To become a leading sports club at Liberty High School by fostering a positive environment through discipline, teamwork, and respect.

    Goals: Create a sustainable, welcoming community by adhering to the guidance set forth by Liberty High School Club Council’s rules. Build strong relationships within our school with the students, teachers, facility, and administrators. Encourage the development of a rugby family providing the warmest welcome to all new members and player, and provide mentoring to all. Create respected ambassadors of the sport and club using rugby’s five core values of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, discipline, and enjoyment. The ULTIMATE GOAL is to maintain sustainable men’s and women’s teams at Liberty High School.

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