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Mrs. Bevacqua

Welcome to Living Earth! We can get through this together! 

DISTANCE LEARNING: I am available Monday-Friday 8:00-3:00pm by email or Remind.

email  ---->   OR    Remind- A day: @adayliv        B day: @bdayliv

Additionally you can call me at (925) 289-8467 Monday-Thursday 9-10am. 

WEEK 7: Please complete ALL activities in the packet.
Activity 1 will focus on completing reflection questions based on a set of pictures.
Activity 2 will require you to analyze data and construct a graph.
Activity 3 will draw on prior knowledge of positive feedback loops to discuss the concept of global warming. 
This is the second of two weeks spent on Human Impact and the Environment. Homework is due on Fridays by 3 pm. You can email work to me or send pictures of your work through Remind.
Week 7 is the last week of work for Distance Learning. If you have missing assignments from QUARTER 4, please turn them in.  
***Please check this page weekly for any additional instructions.