Freedom Girls and Boys Volleyball Program

     2024 Boys Volleyball 

    Varsity Coach: Elizabeth Rivas


    Assistant  Varsity Coach: Angel Rivas

    JV Coach : Lesandra and Elizabeth Rivas

    Freshman Coach: Laurne Buck

    Athletic Director: Glenn Briggs


    Hello Volleyball Families, 


    I am excited and looking forward to this upcoming 2024 Boys Volleyball season.  The first day of try-outs is February 5,2024. Athletes who are interested in trying-out must complete the try-out process listed below. 




    Feb 5th- Feb 7th - JV and Varsity

    Team Selection for JV and Varsity Feb 7th

    First day of practice Feb 8th


    TRY-OUT Time 

    - Frosh (All incoming Freshman) - TBD

    - JV ( Sophomores and Juniors) - TBD 

    - Varsity (Returning athletes, seniors, and athletes invited by Coach Liz) - TBD

    Location: Main Gym - All teams will practice in the main gym. Please arrive 30min early on Feb 5th to assign try-out numbers and collect try-out and result form. 



    - Monday through Thursday

    - No Saturday Practices 

    - Frosh and JV - 4:30pm - 6:00pm - Main Gym

    - Varsity - 6pm - 8pm - Main Gym 

    *Practice times are subject to change due to a school event or any unforeseen event(s). Parents and students will be notified via BAND of any changes.  


    Each level is scheduled for 1 tournament and 1 Jamboree on a Saturday. - Tournaments normally start at 8am and can end at 6pm. Athletes will be required to be at the venue early. Information regarding tournaments will be provided a couple of weeks prior to the scheduled date. 

    Uniform Contract

    Please print and sign a uniform contract. Uniforms will not be issued until the form has been received.

    Click here to print -->   Uniform Contract



    All incoming Freshman, please attend Freshman try-outs. Athletes may be asked to move to a higher level court by a coach. 

    JV Players - Sophomores and Juniors attend JV try-outs. Athletes may be invited to the upper level courts.  Sophomores may be invited to the Freshman court. 

    Varsity - All returning Varsity athletes and invitees please attend the Varsity try-outs.

    Question: Who can participate in the Varsity try-outs?  

    Answer:  All returning players, seniors, and invitees can participate in the Varsity try-outs.  SENIORS must attend Varsity try-outs regardless of skill level.



    Try-out process must be completed before attending try-outs. See information below. 


    The Try-Out and Result Agreement is required to try-out. You will not be allowed to try-out without this signed form.

          Click to print -->  Boys & Girls TryOut & Result Agreement I will have forms available if you don't have access to a printer. 


    2. Join the BAND Group - this is our main form of communication 


           Follow these steps to join.

              1. Download the BAND App

              2. https://band.us/n/aba50dddx3T6Q - Boys Volleyball Program

              3. I will receive your notification and accept your request. 

                     When creating your profile, please enter your legal name. 


     I encourage all athletes and parents(s) to join this group. This is our main form of communication. All up to date information is sent via this app.  


    3. Register on Athletic Clearance  Click here----> www.athleticclearance.com



    4. Current Physical is Needed 

         - A current physical is required and must be done on or after June 1, 2023. 

         - Upload physical onto athleticclearance.com (You do not need to turn this form in but do recommend you hold on to it.)


         Click here to print Physical Form --->Medical/Physical Form



         I will issue these forms at the parent meeting and uniforms will not be issued until they have been returned. 


    Boys & Girls Player Commitment

    Parent Player Guidelines


    If you are unable to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a physical, here are a couple of chiropractors seeing Freedom students on a walk-in basis or by appointment. 


    Dr. Miller

    3638 Delta Fair Blvd

    Antioch, CA 94509





    Actus Ciropractic

    9030 Brentwood Blvd, Ste D

    Brentwood, CA 94513




    Try-Out Agreement Form - MANDATORY FORM

         - This is a mandatory form I require to try-out. Parent(s) and athletes please read, print, sign, and turn in to me on or before try-outs. 



    SPECTATORS - Sorry no spectators are allowed at try-outs or at practice.




            - GPA - Athletes must have a 2.0 or above GPA. NOT ACCEPTING PROBATION STATUS. 

            - Transfer Students - Please see Mr. Briggs for additional forms and approval.


    If you are a transfer student and played any sport at another school, it is important you bring it to my attention. There is additional paperwork and approvals required to be eligible to be on the team per NCS Rules.

    Team Selection Process

    The Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will be formed using the following process:

    1. Each level will compile a team of 11/12 athletes.

    2. Any grade level can make the Varsity team.

    3. Only players that attend the tryouts may be chosen for a select team. A player missing a tryout session or those signing-up after tryouts are ineligible for a select team. If there is a legitimate excuse as a death in the family or injury to the player, an individual decision will be made and it will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.

    4. The following will be used to influence a coach’s selection:

              Tryout Evaluation Form: The evaluation process is an important piece of information for a coach’s decision, but not the only piece. The tryout evaluation form provides an independent observer's opinion on an individual’s specific skill; it does not provide important details regarding non-skills attributes nor does it take into consideration a coach’s style of play. 

             Player Distribution: A quality, competitive team must have players that collectively possess all volleyball skills and attributes.

             Intangible Skills: In addition to the tangible volleyball skills, we will also consider intangible elements when finalizing our rosters. Intangible attributes would include: character, coachability, competitiveness, performance under pressure, court awareness, and team chemistry.

            TIME COMMITMENT FOR VOLLEYBALL - Like all extra-curricular activities, high school sports require a substantial commitment. Volleyball – an ultimate TEAM sport – demands that diverse individuals work as one, in a fast-paced test of coordination, concentration and – above all – cooperation. Building a team requires a commitment of everyone’s TIME.

    2023 - 2024 SCHEDULE  -  Click here to view/print schedule -->  TBD




    Here are a few things to remember for any volleyball activity. 

    1. NO spaghetti strap shirts

    2. NO tank tops

    3. NO cut-off t-shirts/ NO V-Neck shirts

    4. NO LONG NAILS - Athletes will not be allowed to participate

    5. Hair up and away from face.

    6. Gym Shoes

    7. Knee pads - encouraged

    8. Positive Attitude 

    9. Arrive Early 

    10. Help set up

    11. Be ready to learn and have fun! 


    Again, if you plan on trying out, I encourage you to complete all the required steps mentioned above. There are multiple sports that will hold try-outs at the same time. Therefore, approvals will be delayed due to the number of athletes submitting their paperwork, so please be patient with Mr. Briggs. He will process your registration as soon as possible.

    I am looking forward to this season and hope to see y’all soon! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions via BAND and/or via email.

    Thank you

    Coach Liz