• Welcome to our School Site Council!

    The purpose of SSC is to promote the continuous improvement and implementation of the School Site Plan. Specifically, SSC will encourage programs that promote positive climate, address areas of special student need, promote staff development, facilitate the accreditation process, increase communication between the school, business, community services, post-secondary and collegiate institutions.


    Freedom High School will provide a range of educational experiences for all students to acquire the key knowledge and skills to become critical and innovative thinkers who are college and career ready.

    School Vision

    1. Be a Professional Learning Community which fosters innovation and enables students and staff to reach their maximum potential.
    2. Prepare all students for success after high school by offering challenging coursework with targeted student support.
    3. Provide a safe and nurturing environment designed around student needs which promotes respect for all
    4. Provide multiple avenues for the community to participate in the education of our students


    School Site Council Members


    Student:  ASB President  

    Parents:  Mishanne Coleman, Tanya Garcia, Michelle Pimental, and Brianna Wood 

    Staff:  Melissa Luna, John Jeffries-Wilmore, Lizette Nuno, Sarah Snyder, and Steve Amaro 


    Upcoming meetings:










    Location:  A Building, Career Center, 5:30PM