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    Mr. Halberg
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    Subject(s): World Cultures and Geography, Modern World History, AP World History, Psychology in Society, AP Psychology, Brain Harmony, Child Development
    Period 1 Peer Mediation
    Period 2 Prep
    Period 3 Child Development
    Period 4 Child Development
    Period 5 Psychology in Society
    Period 6 Psychology in Society
    Period 7 Prep
    Period 8 Child Development

    Hans Selye's research on stress demonstrated that we perform best with some stress but not too much.  Stress is cumulative, meaning that stress in one area of one's life can also effect the whole.  Changes are often stressful, and we are all experiencing many changes in our lives.  As we work together through this school year, I commit to supporting you and listening to your experience with aspects of this online or hybrid school year that you may find stressful and helping find ways to make it work for all of us.


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    Rick Halberg