• Welcome to the FHS Anime Club

    About Us:
    The FHS Anime Club is dedicated to all things Japanese pop-culture-related, specifically involving anime: Japanese cartoons. Our respectable membership consists of intelligent, mature teenagers dedicated to learning and watching all they can of anime and the culture spawned thereof, including but not limited to cosplay, Jpop Jrock and Jmetal, geeky webcomics,humanoid robots bent on destroying/saving the world, and schoolgirls who dodge evil overlords with the sparkly power of friendship.

    About You:
    If you are not into anime, this is not the club for you. If you are impartial to dressing in costumes made of cardboard and vinyl, it would be wise not to join this club. If brief bouts of insanity and overwhelming psychotic cuteness make you uncomfortable, for your sake, do not attend our meetings. In short, if you are not willing to humiliate yourself for the sake of a good time with the closest friends you'll ever have, this is not the club for you.

    But if it is, we'll see you in D204 after school. every Wednesday <3 


    August: This site is now being updated
    ---We need more funds!!! So...
    ---Fundraiser Ideas
    ---Maybe a partnership with a restaurant like Panda Express
    ---We need money people!!!