• Freedom 

    Name: Ms. Gordon 
    Classroom Number: P-16
    Text:  TBD
    Subject(s): Geometry (1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th Periods) & Pre Calculus (7th & 8th Periods)

    Dear Parents and Students,

    I'm excited to meet you all and can't wait to start the school year.  Everything you need can be found on Canvas.  Parents be sure to sign up for the Canvas Parent App. Here is some important information:

    • Sign Up for Remind
    • Canvas Parent App
    • Contacts
      • email:  gordonm@luhsd.net
      • sign up for remind you can text me just like you have my personal phone number
      • sign up for the Canvas Parent App and email through Canvas
      • phone:  925-625-5900 (if you do call me, please send me an email as well letting me know when and where to call you back)
    • Geometry Syllabus
    • PreCalculus Syllabus
    • Grading Schema
    • Bell Schedule (There is error in the bell schedule the testing schedule is only April 12-15, not April 11 or April 18-22)
    • Retakes
      • As parents we all understand that babies learn things at different times, and when they learn, they often make mistakes.  They fall many times when learning to walk and are encouraged to get up and try again.  Once they become proficient in walking they still make mistakes and fall.  This is true for all learning.  It would be absurd for me to tell my students that they must learn the Pythagorean Theorem by September 15 and they will get only one opportunity to prove their knowledge.  It would be the same as me telling my own children that they will have a walking test on their nine month birthday and if they don't pass it, they can never learn to walk. So ...
      • Students can retake any test for full credit
      • Students cannot retake quizzes, instead poor quiz scores are replaced by the test score if the test score is higher
      • If a student retakes a test it will fix both their test scores and quiz scores on that target
      • Students must complete a proof of study to qualify for a
      • are Wednesdays after school unless alternate arrangements are made
    • Homework, Notes & Late Work
      • Late work is accepted with no penalty
      • Students are expected to take notes in class and complete homework as well as turn it in
      • Homework and Notes will be tracked and graded, however they will have no direct effect on a student's grade in class.  The purpose of notes and homework is to help them learn the material.  The grade a student earns is based on their demonstration of learning through tests and quizzes
      • There are links to the worked out solutions for the Notes as well as Video Notes on Canvas in the assignments page.
      • Completion of notes and homework is included in the proof of study for each target



    Michelle Gordon