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    Mrs. Janelle's Zoom                                 Ms. Allie's Zoom

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     Bitmoji Speech Room

    Slide 1 = Language Room                           Slide 3 = Social/Pragmatic Language Room

    Slide 2 = Articulation Room                        Slide 4 = Life Skills Room 

    Slide 5 = Stuttering Room                          Slide 6 = Consultation 

    Slide 7 = Game Room


    Janelle Lucero
    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Classroom Number: C112
    Email Address: luceroj@luhsd.net
    Google Voice: (925)257-2909
    Allie Abreu
    Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
    Classroom Number: C113
    Email Address: abreua@luhsd.net
    Google Voice: (925)263-6719

  • Write down your Group #, Days, and Time on a sticky note and keep it near you!

    ALL speech sessions are during the last 30 minutes of the period.