Name:  Mr. Ashton
    Classroom Number: A104
    Email Address: ashtons@luhsd.net
    Phone #: (925)625-5900 ext 3011
     Subject:  ROP Law Enforcement
          This introductory level course provides an overview of the eligibility and training standards required for various professions in law enforcement and examines the roles and responsibilities of the police, courts, corrections, private security, and other U.S. protective agencies. Students will learn the history and the development of law enforcement and the concerns facing law enforcement today including discretion, civil liability, decision-making, and police community relations. Students will gain experience in the area of police communications, report writing, procedures regarding probable cause, warrants, arrests, use of force, and patrol and traffic procedures. Students will get hands on experience with Standing at Attention, At-Ease and drill formations. The students will also cover crime scenes and how to investigate crimes of burglary, theft, personal etc. 
    I also Teach: Skills For Living and Co-Teach: Peer Mediation