Miss Jasmine Smith

Phone: 925-625-5900 ext. 3448


Degrees and Certifications:

Schedule: Period 1: Algebra I Period 2: Prep ! Period 3: Algebra I Period 4: Math Skills Period 5: Prep ! Period 6: Algebra I Period 7: Algebra I Period 8: Algebra I

Miss Jasmine Smith

Welcome to either my Algebra 1 or Math Skills class! I look forward to working with each of you this year. All I ask is that you respect me and each other and try your best. Because there are so many ways to understand and solve problems, people will have different math skills and will take different amounts of time to work through problems. As you’ll see, each person has skills to contribute to everyone’s understanding. I can’t emphasize enough how cool I think math is. It allows you to solve problems and challenge your brain. Even math that you think you’ll never use in the real world makes you a better problem solver. Plus, numbers are just super cool in general. If you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you :) 


  • My email: smithj@luhsd.net

    My remind: Text the code that matches your period to: 81010

    Period 1: @8g6ga3

    Period 3: @d422gb8

    Period 4: @gdk948

    Period 6: @d2g6h46

    Period 7: @7fc4d9

    Period 8: @c3d227

Extra Help

  • If you need additional support, there are several options for you:

    • MATH LAB in C119 during lunch or study hall
    • HELP LAB in B office afterschool (M-Th) from 3:15 - 4:45
    • Talk to Ms. Smith about meeting with her