Mi familia

    Classroom Number: P4
    Email Address: nunol@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Spanish 3 & AP
    Online book:
    https://www.clever.com        Username and Password are your student #   or
    https://www.successnetplus.com   click on LOG IN.  Then on PEARSON EASY BRIDGE... Type in Liberty as your district. 
    Finally, you will be able to log in.
    Username: student ID
    Password:  same as your school  (year, month, day).  For example, my birthday is March 11,  2001;
    so, my password would be:  20010311


    www.Clever.com  will take you to all your books:Username and password are your student #   here is link  

     Future videos  Click here!!!!!!!!!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_PJWk9UGSk  Future how to do it.  Part 1

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWJ3cluipBg  part 2 irregulars




    Acentos para el español

    é= alt + 130

    á= alt + 160   

    í= alt +161           

    ó= alt +162         

    ú= alt +163         

    ñ= alt +164         

    Ñ= alt +165        

    ¿ = alt +168

    ¡ = alt +0161



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