Modified PE Lesson for the Week of June 29th

  • Note from Mr. Hartwig:

    I found some fun 5 minute exercise videos that they can use over the next couple of weeks.  Each exercise video has a theme; superhero, Star Wars, Fortnite, Harry Potter and Stranger Things.  YOu can also perform them as a family.  They are a blast for all!!!!

    Exercise Video Link


    1) You must complete any form of exercies for 30 minutes, three times a week.

    2) Use your Smart Phone or any other tracking device to calculate your steps & mileage for each 30 minute walk this week.

    3) Log the Date, Location, Steps on chart (linked below) to the best of your ability!


    Click on the link below to access the Fitness Log.

    Fitness Log


    Here is a series of three fun exercise videos you can also participate in if you can not walk:

    Video #1

    Video #2

    Video #3