Lifeskills Class

Assignments for the Week of June 29th

  • 1) Unique Reading & Comprehension

    -Click on the link below to open the activity

    -Complete the reading for Ch.6 titled "Making Choices at the Gift Shop" (remember to choose the appropriate level for your student)

    -After the reading, complete the comprehension questions (for these chapters, the questions come at the end of the last level)

    Ch. 6: Making Choices at the Gift Shop

    -Please complete the Life Skills Application titled "Jobs at the Amusement Park"

    Lesson 10: Getting Around the Amusement Park

    Lesson 12: Ring Toss Game


    2) Math

    -Click on the link below to open the activity

    -Complete 2 pages from the Math: Subtraction packet

    Math: Subtraction

    -Complete 2 pages from the 180 Days of Math Packet

    180 Days of Math


    3) Independent Living Skills

    -Laundry tasks can help the whole home!

    • Sorting by colors, materials, family membrer's, type of washing instructions, etc.
    • Measure & pour the laundry detergent
    • Folding & hanging clothes, putting them away in drawers/closets as much as possible

    -Choose a chore that you can do around the house (pick a new chore this week)

    -Below are some options with picture support (you can also choose one not listed) 

    Sweep Floors

    Mop Floor

    Vacuum Carpet

    Empty Trash

    Windows & Mirrors

    Check & Replace


    4) Cooking/Independent Living Skills

    -Encourage meal planning with you student

    • Look  through the pantry/refrigerator and talk about what you could make with the items you have.
    • Students can select a recipe, be given a budget, help create a grocery store list, look up the items on Safeway/Lucky's online, and then add up the total cost.
    • Save the grocery store ads & turn them into learning activities, including
      • Find all the produce on one page. 
      • You have $3, what snack can you afford? 
      • Find the price of _____ item. 
      • How much would it cost to buy the ingredients to make a grilled cheese? 


    5) COVID-19 Time Capsule

    -Click the link below to open the activity

    -Complete 1 page of your choosing from the packet (if you are able to print)

    COVID-19 Time Capsule


    6) Calendar Activity

    -Click the link below to open the activity

    -Complete calendar daily

    Calendar Activity


    7) Grooming Checklist

    -Self-care can be encouraged to be completed as independently as possible

    -Check the weather and look through closets/dressers to choose clothes that are appropriate for the forecast.

    -Click the link below to open the activity

    -Fill out appropriate boxes on the checklist for the week

    Grooming Checklist