• Freedom High School Wrestling Parent Night



    Practice Schedule / Try Out Dates

    • The first official day of try-outs are November 4th 3:30-5:30. Any cuts will be made by the end of the first week of practice.
    • Practices will run daily from 3:30-5:30 throughout the season. Given the level of commitment needed to wrestle this will include practices and tournaments over holiday breaks.
    • Practice changes are made via email and our teams “remind”


    What do you need to wrestle?

    • Wrestling shoes, clean practice gear (daily), headgear and a mouthpiece (Top and Bottom) if you have braces. Kneepads and other gear may be purchased but are not required.


    December 7th Falcon Shootout

    • Our first tournament of the season is at home and we will have 15 teams visiting for a full day of wrestling. We will need volunteers and food donations for this event which typically runs from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. This event covers much of the cost for our tournaments throughout the season.


    Food Box for Tournaments

    • Each level (Varsity/Junior Varsity/Girls) will be responsible for maintaining a food box for our away tournaments. These events are lengthy and rarely provide nutritious food for our Student-Athletes. Each member of the team may be asked to provide items to bring to that event to ensure everyone has access to healthy fuel throughout the day.
      • Food box items may include things such as lunch meat, fruit, water, granola bars etc.

    Wrestle Off’s

    Each wrestler will have the opportunity to wrestle off for the varsity spot of their choosing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Only 1 weight class challenge per week will be permitted.


    Stay Connected

    • Our main form of communication this season will be through our teams “Remind” app.
      • To join remind for updates please text message 81010 this message “@g3cd8e7”
      • You can also type this link into your web browser remind.com/join/g3cd8e7