• How to Get Good Grades:

    Tips For Success!

    Students who earn good grades:
    ____ attend class everyday.
    ____ are on time to class.  
    ____ writes down homework and turns assignments in on time.
    ____ complete an hour or two of homework at night.
    ____ ask teachers for make-up work immediately upon return of being
    ____ ask teachers when a test/quiz can be taken when absent.    
    ____ while in class, listen and participate, stay focused on topic,
    take notes.
    ____ when working on assignments, complete one subject at a time.  
    ____ are prepared for class and be consistent with turning in homework.
    ____ complete assignments right away.  Don’t procrastinate, or you
    will get behind.  
    ____ has a regular place and time (without distractions) to complete
    ____  has someone who helps monitor your homework progress.
    ____ does the classwork and homework on the same day that it is
    ____ makes time to study for tests, uses note cards, reviews study
    ____ use tutors for homework help in library 3:15-4:45 pm, Mon.-Thurs.
    ____ ask teachers for help when needed, both in and out of class.  
    ____ use the Math Lab (A202) for math help during class time.
    ____ use study hall time wisely, don’t always stay in there, retake
    ____ sit in a seat where you can pay attention to teacher , focus on
    ____ treat your teachers with respect, attend test review sessions.  
    ____ show the teacher that they care about grades by taking notes.
    ____ use a binder with dividers organized, one subject per section.  
    ____ has a place to write down homework and due dates, uses a planner.
    ____ has a system to locate homework quickly when teachers ask for it.
    ____ ask teachers what you need to do in order to bring up your
    ____ ask what your grade percentage is and work to raise it, any extra
    ____ ask teachers to see if any assignments are missing, tests/quizzes,
    ____ complete bright yellow weekly progress reports located in E
    building hallway.  
    ____ use our website to email teachers directly at the school
    ____ create an incentive program, when you complete your homework.    

    Set some goals - Set some goals for yourself, and work to achieve it.

    1. Goal: ____________________________

    2. Goal: ____________________________