• 40 Developmental Assets You Can Use

    1.        I receive high levels of love and support from my family
    2.        I can go to my parent(s) or guardian(s) for advice and support
    and have frequent in-depth conversations with them.
    3.        I know some nonparents adults I can go to for advice and
    4.        My neighbors encourage and support me.
    5.        My school provides a caring, encouraging environment.
    6.        My parent(s) or guardian(s) help me succeed in school.
    7.        I feel valued by adults in my community.
    8.        I am given useful roles in my community.
    9.        I serve in the community one hour or more each week.
    10.      I feel safe at home, at school and in the neighborhood.
    11.      My family sets standards for appropriate conduct and monitors my
    12.      My school has clear rules and consequences for behavior.
    13.      Neighbors take responsibility for monitoring my behavior.
    14.      Parent(s) and other adults model positive responsible behavior.
    15.      My best friends model responsible behavior.
    16.      My parent(s)/guardian(s) and teachers encourage me to do well.
    17.      I spend three hours or more each week in lessons or practice in
    music, theater, or other arts.
    18.      I spend three hours or more each week in school or community
    sports, clubs, or organizations.
    19.      I spend one hour or more each week in religious services or
    participating in spiritual activities.
    20.      I go out with friends “with nothing special to do” two or
    fewer nights each week.
    21.      I want to do well in school.
    22.      I am actively engaged in learning.
    23.      I do an hour or more of homework each school day.
    24.      I care about my school.
    25.      I r4ead for pleasure three or more hours each week.
    26.      I believe it is really important to help other people.
    27.      I want to help promote equality and reduce world poverty and
    28.      I can stand up for what I believe.
    29.      I tell the truth even when it’s not easy.
    30.      I can accept and take personal responsibilities.
    31.      I believe it is important not to be sexually active or to use
    alcohol or other drugs.  
    32.      I am good at planning ahead and making decisions.
    33.      I am good at making and keeping friends.
    34.      I know and am comfortable with people of different
    cultural/racial/ethic background.
    35.      I can resist negative peer pressure and dangerous situations.
    36.      I try to resolve conflict nonviolently.
    37.      I believe I have control over many things that happen to me.
    38.      I feel good about myself.
    39.      I believe my life has a purpose.
    40.      I am optimistic about my future.