Freedom High School Girl’s Soccer Expectations 2018-2019
    Team Rules
    Coaches’ expectations: To follow all rules written in the LUSHD Coaches handbook. Provide a positive environment in which all players will learn to improve their soccer skills, individual/team tactics, and character building skills to become a better student, soccer player, and teammate on and off the field.
    Parent expectations: To follow all rules written in the LUSHD Parent-Student athlete handout. Please, do not coach your child during games, give only positive encouragement.  Be respectful at all times. If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the coaches after practice or email. Please wait at least 24 hours after games to contact coaches. 
    Player Expectations:
    *      Follow all rules written in the LUSHD Parent-Student athlete handout.
    School comes first.  If you are in need of assistance, let a coach know.
    All Games, Practices, and Meetings are Mandatory for All Teams: Players chosen to be on a Freedom soccer team will be expected to make meetings, practices and games after school, Saturdays, or during holiday breaks.
    Be on time! This means ready to play.
    Give 100% at all practices and games.
    If you have an unexcused missed practice you will not start in the next game.  Contact a coach prior to practice or game if you will not be there.
    Follow all school rules.  If you miss school you cannot practice or play that day.  No alcohol, drugs, or steroids are permitted at any time. 
    All playing time is earned. There are no guaranteed minutes. 
    Be respectful at all times. “No Profanity”
    Any conduct deemed detrimental toward the school/team by the coach will result in a one game suspension or up to dismissal from the team.
    • Bring all necessary equipment with you.
    Must have at least a 2.0 GPA to play or qualifying academic probation.
    • Model classroom behavior is expected everyday in school.
    Equipment needed: running shoes, cleats, shin guards, ball, water, hair bands, medication (inhaler etc.), and both uniforms on game days.