• Teacher: Mrs. Angelo
    E-mail: angelos@luhsd.net
    web site: http://libertyunion.schoolwires.net/angelos
    Room: E-203
    Office hours: 7:45-8:10 am
    3:00-3:30 pm

    Course Description

    World History:

    Students will study people, events, ideas and major turning points that have shaped the modern world from the late 18th century through the present day.

    The following supplies are required everyday unless other arrangements have been made.

    • Textbook and Workbook
    • Binder with paper, dividers, folder and notebook Or 1 notebook and 2 folders
    • Ink pen (blue or black)

    • Pencils and erasers

    • Markers, crayons, or colored
    Some of these materials may be provided in class but they are not guaranteed. Be Prepared!

    1. Be on time and in your seat working; FHS tardy policy will be enforced
    2. Be prepared when you walk through the door. Have your materials and be ready to learn.
    3. Respect those around you; use appropriate language, listen, wait to be spoken to, ask to leave your seat.
    4. Keep the room / floor clean and organized. Privileges may be taken away

    How to behave in class…
    • Be quiet and listen, raise your hand
    • Work on journal, and assignments in class
    • No food, gum, or candy
    • No sunglasses or hats on in class
    • No drinks, except water
    • No moving or switching seats unless permission was given
    • No cell phones/texting (1st warning, 2nd offense phone will be taken.)

    What if you finish early…?
    • Check your work
    • Get assignment stamped
    • Read a book
    • Work on another assignment
    • Sit quietly with your head down
    • Do not have private conversations and talk with your neighbor!

    1. Warning
    2. Teacher conference
    3. Parent notification
    4. Principal and a referral

    D.O.G’s = Days of Grace
    Assignment DOGs may be used through out the year as an excused assignment of class book worksheets. They cannot be used on tests, quizzes, notes, projects, mini projects (posters, timelines, and collages), essays, calendars, assignment sheets, binder checks, or folders. This free pass can only be used 8 times. When you have used up your sheet of assignment DOGs they are done. You will not receive more. Do not cut them out keep them together.

    Two quarters will not be averaged together grades will continue until the end of the semester.

    Test 25%

    Class work 20%

    Projects Essays 25%

    Homework 5%

    Final/mid term 10%

    Quizzes 10%

    Class participation: Journals/objectives/calendar 5%


    A 100 - 89.5 %
    B 89.4 - 79.5 %
    C 79.4 - 69.5 %
    D 69.4 - 59 %
    F 58 - 0 %

    Grades will continue until the end of the semester.


    All assignments, journal entries, calendars, notes, and tests must be kept in your binder or notebook. There will be a quarterly binder check.

    Folders will be collected every two weeks and assignments will be graded. In order for an assignment to receive full credit, it must have a class stamp. Students must also include an assignment sheet with their folder. Points will be deducted for missing assignment sheets or unfilled assignment sheets, disorganization and illegible folders and assignments. (Messy work)

    All work should have the appropriate heading (name, date, class) and be neatly done. Assignments not meeting the appropriate standards will be returned and points will be deducted. Neatness always counts! Class work, homework, essays and projects must be legible and final essays must be written in blue or black ink. Dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated. Cheating which includes plagiarizing material or ideas, copying someone's work allowing others to copy will result in a 0 on the assignment. Working with others does not mean copy each other’s assignments. Repeat offenses may lead to suspension.

    The only homework students will have is reading, late work, absent work, or class work that was not completed. After reading assignments there will be a short pop quiz in class.

    Make up or Late work
    • Absences: Students will not lose points for assignments if turned in late, but they must mark absent on their assignment or on the assignment log for it not to be late and receive partial credit
    • Late work: Late work will be accepted for partial credit in the following folder collected
    • Failure to submit assignment: students will receive an F.
    Make up work is to be done on your own time. Students must be responsible for their own make-up work and not be dependant or rely on the teacher to tell you what you are missing.

    Students are responsible and must take proper care of all textbooks. Any lost, stolen or damages incurred to books checked out in their name will be the responsibility of you the student, parent or guardian. In the case of class sets, all books will be checked and returned to the teacher 5 minutes before class dismissal. Any book used by the student is their responsibility. This is especially important when students will bring their own textbook or used a class set in order to complete the required assignment of the day.

    T.A.’s expectations
    T.A.’s must follow all of the following rules presented in the course syllabus. They must attend class, be on time to class, and are not allowed to leave early. T.A.’s must do the work that is requested by them in order receive a passing grade. For example, organize class room, clean shelves, transparencies, copy calendars on the board, check that folders have been turned in, and run errands to the office.

    I am happy to have you as a student in my class. Please remember that I am here to help you. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask for help. I am available most days before and after school for assistance. I look forward to a successful and productive year

    Keep the syllabus in your folder:

    Student Name (Print)

    __________________________________ __________________
    Student Signature Date

    ___________________________________ ____________________________________
    Parent/Guardian Name (Print) Parent/Guardian Signature