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      is the use of dance and theatrical work. As a club at Freedom, we represent the school where ever we go. Along with the usage of dance we use equipment that are taught to members including; flags, prop rifles, prop sabres, and shields. We are a group that does after school practices and team bonding and we have two seasons in the school year. In the Fall we perform alongside the Band in a march providing visuals to the band music with the use of shields ans flags. That is our Color Guard season, joined with the bands marching season competing and performing against other schools. Following in the Winter begins our Winter Guard season that is individual to our group that involves more expression in movement and is performed in competitions against other schools. Everyone is welcome to join and to come visit to see if you have an interest or want to receive further information.


  • To Join or receive more information please contact our coach, Sondra Van Meter at (209) 608 - 1516

    example message: hello, I am a student at freedom and [(Id like to join color guard) or (I'd like to recieve more information about color guard)]