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    • 5/11-5/15 Week 6 Assignment ELD: Diversity & Acceptance

      Week 6: Languages & Acceptance

      In this lesson, students will learn about the benefits of diversity.

      Activities Before Reading

      1.Look at this list of words.

    • Diversity
    • Positive
    • Cause 
    • Effect
      1. You will find these in the article. First, tell me what you think the word means.
      2. Now, Define all words. Click on the word and you will find the definition.
      3. Now, read the article.

      After Reading

      Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

    • Why is diversity  a positive thing for people?
    •               Diversity is positive because... 

                     I know diversity is positive because…

    • What are some positive effects of diversity you learned today?
    • How does diversity positively affect people and communities?
     4/27-5/1 Week 4 assignment: 
    Hello Everyone,
    Your assignment for this week is the following:
    1. Read the article below.
    2. On a document, first, look for the 4 vocabulary words that are underlined in the article. 
              -List the vocabulary words. 
              - Next, Tell me what you think each word means ( There is no wrong answer... just give me an honest answer)
              - Now, Define all words. Click on the word and you will find the definition. 
                - Finally, write TWO Sentences using Two different words. Sentences must be at least 13 words or more and please use details!
    3. At the bottom of your document, now write a 4-5 sentence Summary of your article. DO NOT COPY what is already on the document. I want you to simply retell what you read so that I can see if you understood it.  SUBMIT TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM.
    Let me know if you have any questions! 
    4/20-4/24 Week 3 assignment
    Hi Everyone! Your Week 3 Assignment is attached. It may be hard for some, it may be easy for others. Just try it. :) Please submit it to Google Classroom by the end of the week. Hope you are all doing well! Good luck this week.
    4/13- 4/17 Week 2 Assignment
    I hope Week 2 went a little smoother for you all! I miss you all, hope to see you at the Zoom meeting this week.  Here is your weekly Google Form along with the assignment.

    You can find the Google Form here:
    4/6-4/10 Week 1 Assignment
    Assignment #1
    Please complete Check in Survey. 
    Assignment #2
    Watch both Ted Talk Videos.
    Answer the following Questions and submit to Google Classroom:
    I expect 2-3 sentences for each question.
    1. What are your thoughts on each video?

    2. Which one stood out to you or was more interesting to you?

    3. What are things adults can learn from kids? Do you agree with Adora's point of view?