Psychology within Society

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    Dear Psychology Within Society Students,

    I hope that as you read this letter you are in good health and ready to finish the school year online. 


    As we have discussed in class, Hans Selye's research on stress demonstrated that we perform best with some stress but not too much.  We also learned that stress is cumulative, meaning that stress in one area of one's life can also effect the whole.  My guess is that many of you are pretty stressed out right now with trying to navigate a whole new turn of events that no one expected.  Because of this, I will do my best to limit the additional stress of confusing or complicated new assignments for Psychology within Society.  


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    We have been working on the NVC lessons all year.  They are posted on my Teachers' webpage to access and complete.  You need to complete up to NVC lesson 40 (many of you already have done this).  Any assignments that you complete beyond 40 (there are approximately 80 assignments) will be extra credit.

    We have also been working on the personal portfolio assignments all year.  These are also posted on my Teachers' webpage to access and complete (  At the beginning of the year, I said that you needed to complete 5 each quarter and save them in order to turn in 20 at the end of the year (10 for those of you that transferred into the class 2nd semester).  I am reducing this number to 15 for the year.  As we progress through the end of the quarter, I will be explaining the Portfolio more and using assignments from the portfolio as the main component of the class for the rest of the year.

    As the quarter progresses and I am able to monitor how things are going for all of you, there may be additional topics or assignments completed that are similar to the Psychology Topic Presentations.  As of now, the Psychology Topic Presentations will be cancelled, those students that were not able to complete two topics last quarter will receive a grade of no mark (NM) which will not count against you or for you in your overall grade.

     Both the NVC lessons and Personal Portfolio can be completed on Google Docs and shared with me at  

     Please use the gmail adress when submitting assignments because sending an assignment to my school email requires additional steps for students to allow access and this has seemed to be confusing.  If you do not have access to Google Docs, then please email and we can figure out an alternative.


    In this class, you will not receive any grade for the 2nd semester that is lower than your 3rd Quarter grade.  You have nowhere to go but up.  You may continue to work on any assignments from 3rd or 4th quarter that were missing or incomplete and this will improve your semester grade.  Please use your Aeries account login to stay up to date with grading.



    If you have any questions, please email me at


    Thank you and I really hope that you are all doing well and finding personal peace within the global chaos.


    Rick Halberg