Name: Mrs. Rachel Kelleher
    Classroom Number: E108
    Subject: Tutorial Support, Parallel Algebra
    Email Address: kelleherr@luhsd.net
    Google Voice Number: (925) 322-0606 (call or text)
    Need help figuring out how to find your weekly assignments?  Watch this video!
    Need support?  Click here to get a list of all Tutorial Support teachers' and paraprofesionals' office hours!
    Periods 1, 2, and 6
    Parallel Algebra
    You can find your weekly assignments by clicking the following link: Parallel Algebra Weekly Assignments
    Your weekly assignments will be assigned every Monday and are due the following Friday.
    Please submit your assignments by e-mail or texting a picture (showing all of your work) to the Google Voice number.
    Always show ALL of your work.
    If you show your work on a separte piece of paper please make sure every paper has your name, assignment title, and date it was assigned. 
    If you need help with an assignment then PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Send a text to my Google Voice number or an e-mail so we can setup the best way to get your questions answered.  I am here for you and want to support you. 
    If you would like to keep busy or looking for some more math practice then please sign onto your ALEKS accounts.
    Your username is the first letter of your first name (capitalized) followed by your student ID number.  Example- R12345678
    Your password is the first letter of your first name (capitalized) followed by your birthdate.  Example-R20040204 (year, month, date)
    Periods 4 and 5
    Tutorial Support
    Hello!  My office hours are Monday through Friday starting at noon and ending at 1:30. 
    During this time I will be completely available for quick check-ins via e-mail, text, and telephone. 
    I will also be available throughout the week to work for longer periods of time to support you by appointment.  We can use Zoom, text, e-mail, FaceTime, etc.
    Please contact me via e-mail or text (use my Google Voice number) so we can coordinate a time during the "school day" that works for both of us. 
    Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me for support.  I am here for you and WANT to help!