• ATTENTION AP STUDENTS:  UPDATE: We are 2 weeks away from the AP Biology exam on May 18th.  Please work on the reviews and assignments by logging into your College Board account.  Unit 8 will be due at the end of the semester.  

    AP BIOLOGY STUDENTS:  The College Board expects all students and teachers to complete the AP Biology course by the end of their school year.  Below you will find Unit 8 - Ecology; both the note organizers and the PowerPoint slides.  Complete each set of notes and then email them to me at lunam@luhsd.net.  There is no late penalty as long as all of the unit is complete by the end of the semester.   Students will also take the summative multiple-choice exam from Unit 8 before the end of the year.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    8-1 Notes                               8-1 PowerPoint slides                                 8-2 Notes                                             

    8-2 PowerPoint slides              8-3 thru 8-6 Notes                                     8-3 thru 8-6 PowerPoint slides                    

    8-7 Notes                              8-7 PowerPoint Slides

    This is the complete set of PPTs and notes for Unit 8.