• Week 3 of distance learning for Health.
    This week’s focus is on Tobacco & your assignment is to:

    1) Take the CCCOE TUPE “Pre Tobacco Survey” BEFORE you do any of the following. This survey allows us to receive more funding, in other words the more students who take it, the more funding FHS receives.
    Tobacco Pre Survey.   najera students pick zelaya in the survey

    2) Read Chapter 20, Tobacco" in your Health book (if you do not have a book, there is a PDF of the chapter right here -> Chapter 20 Reading : Tobacco 

    3) Watch the warm up Ted Ed video “How Do Cigarettes & E-Cigs Affect The Body?” & write a paragraph about what you learned.
    **Submit 1 of 2 ways: Fill this out or email the paragraph.

    4) Watch/listen to the power point lecture, "Vaping Webinar. You must watch the whole presentation to be able to complete the assignment. THERE ARE NO NOTES TO BE FILLED OUT FOR THIS WEEK. Fill out the worksheet as you watch the power point lecture from CCCOE TUPE. When you are finished, email it to your teacher, don't forget to include your whole name & period.

    Office 365/OneDrive link for this week's assignments -> click here 


    Here is a fun interactive site,Mouse Party. For this week, check out the Herion mouse.


    *If you have any questions, please email your teacher.  We are all available during the day to answer questions and help each other through this.*