Week 2 of distance learning for Health.

    This week’s focus is on Alcohol & your assignment is to:

    Please make sure you read all of the directions, word for word, this week. :)

    1)  Take the Alcohol Survey BEFORE you do any of the following.

    2)   Read Chapter 21 in your Health book (if you do not have a book, there is a PDF of the chapter right here ->Chapter 21 Reading : Alcohol)

    3)   Watch the warm up Ted Ed video What Happens When You Mix Drugs?” & write a paragraph about what you learned.
    **Submit 1 of 2 ways: Fill out online by clicking this or email the paragraph.

    4)   Watch the interactive power point lecture, "Alcohol” (ALL health students, as you watch fill in your notes like we do in class) Click here to open the PDF of this week's power point if you can not open the actual one.

    5)   After you have done all of the above, you will complete the Alcohol Word Search. Using the book, you find all find all 15 vocab words from chapter 21 in the word search then write down each of the definitions.
    **To submit this you will print out the word search, complete the front (find all 15 words), & write down the difinetion to each (hand write, take a picture & email it  OR  type the definition & send in an email)

    6)   An answer the review questions using this link: Alcohol Review Questions or email the Word Doc worksheet to your teacher 
    This week’s assignments need to be submitted no later than 5pm on Sunday, April 19th; if you would like to turn them in early that is fine.

    Office 365/OneDrive link for this week's assignments -> click here 


    Here is a fun interactive site,Mouse Party. For this week, check out the alcohol mouse.