• Welcome to your first week of distance learning for Health. Your assignment is to:

    1) Read Chapter 19 in your Health book (if you do not have a book, there is a PDF of the chapter right here ->  Chapter 19 Reading : Introduction to Drugs )

    2) Watch the warm up Ted Ed video How Do Drugs Affect The Brain?

    3) Watch/listen to the power point lecture, "Intro To Drugs"  Intro To Drugs power point & lecture  (Vardanega's students, as you watch fill in your notes like we do in class) Here's the link to the video that's in the power point. Prescription Drugs Dangers

    Click here to open the PDF of this week's power point if you can not open the actual one.

    4) After you have done both of those, you will need to answer the review questions using this link: Chapter 19 reading/lecture questions The questions need to be submited no later than 5pm on Sunday, April 12th; if you would like to turn them in early that is fine.
    **if you are unable to complete the assignment using the link provided please print the worksheet here. complete. and email it to YOUR teacher

    Office 365/OneDrive link for this week's assignments -> click here 


    *If you have any questions, please email your teacher.  We are all available during the day to answer questions and help each other through this.*