• Parent FAQ

    1. How do I check for upcoming assignments?

    I put all the material – assignment logs, notes, group and individual assignments, labs, videos, etc. on the class website. The assignment log lists all the upcoming tests, quizzes, projects and practice problems for each class, as well as the list of skills that the student need to master, and helpful tips.

    2. What is my child’s grade?

    The easiest way to check your child’s grades is through the parent portal (AERIES) (https://luhsd.asp.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx?page=default.aspx). Please contact me if you need help accessing the portal. I update grades on a regular basis, though grading late works or re-takes might take me a little longer to grade than the assignments that were done on-time. Please be patient, the grade will be there by the end of the grading period.

    3. How are grades determined? What percentages are tests versus classwork, homework, and projects?

    I use Standard-Based Grading, which means that the grades are determined by student’s mastery of the material. Here is the break-down:

    Stats/AP Stats

    Semester Grade Weights
    Tests and Quizzes - 80%  
    Projects - 10% 
    Semester Final- 10%  

    Grading Scale:  
    3.3 – 4.0 - A 
    2.5 – 3.29 - B 
    1.5 – 2.49 - C 
    1.0 – 1.490 - D 
    0.0 – 0.99 - F


    Semester Grade Weights  
    Tests and Quizzes - 80%  
    ;Tests and Quizzes - 80%
    Projects - 10%  
    Semester Final- 10%  

    Grading Scale:  
    4.5 – 5.0 - A 
    4.0 – 4.49 - A- 
    3.0 – 3.99 - B 
    2.0 – 2.99 - C 
    1.0 – 1.99 - D 
    0.0 – 0.99 - F

    As you can see, the grades are based mostly on tests. It does not mean that homework, participation, and effort don’t count.

    I consider homework and class participation the most important part of the learning process, and record the percent of classwork and homework assignment done on-time. They will be reflected in the gradebook, but they will not be included into the calculation of the grade.

    4. How can my child improve his/her grade in class?

    I want ever student to be successful and happy with his/her grade in my class. Your student has unlimited opportunities improve his/her grade by re-taking quizzes and tests. However, prior to the retake I require students to do provide the evidence of studying. The evidence can come in many ways: completing practice problems, error analysis, Khan Academy, tutoring, study sessions, etc.

    To discourage cramming and ensure retention of the material, the students will be ask to provide the evidence of learning a day before the re-take. Also, I am limiting the number of re-takes to one per day.

    5. What opportunities does my child have to earn extra credit?

    I do not offer extra-credit. If higher grade is desired, please have your student turn in all missing assignments (if any), and/or re-do work with low scores, and/or re-take tests (quizzes).

    6. Do you have study guides or study sessions for tests?

    Yes and yes. Two class periods prior to a test the students receive a study guide with vocabulary, calculator commands, and practice problems. I also put study guide answers (but not solutions) on-line.

    I hold the study sessions after school. If your student is not able to come after school, please have him/her talk to me about the alternatives.

    7. When is a good time that my child can get extra help from you?

    The best time is – as soon as possible. Students can come in for extra help before or after school at a mutually agreed upon time.

    Homework Lab is a free tutoring program that takes place in B-Building Monday –Thursday 3:15-4:30pm

    AP Stats/Stats Study Group is held afterschool Monday and Tuesday in the B Building from 3:15-4:30pm

    In addition to that, Peer Tutoring is available upon request. Please contact me if you need more information.


    8. How can I help my child to succeed in class?

    Please encourage your child to stay on top of his/her work and ask for help when they feel they don’t understand the material.