• Research Day in Library 4/3A & 4/4B

    Research Day in the library.  Students will research their genetic disorder topic in the library (or at home if absent). They willl complete the Genetics Disorder Project Worksheet for classwork due by the end of the period today.  Ignore the due dates on the Project Worksheet and the Research Paper directions since you will be creating a brochure instead. Those instructions are below.
    Here are some helpful links to get started:
    Genetics Reference Site    http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/                                                         

    National Human Genome Research Institute: http://www.genome.gov/Students/

    NBCI: Genes and Disease: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/disease  

    Office of Rare Diseases:  http://rarediseases.info.nih.gov

    EasyBib for bibliographies: http://www.easybib.com/         - make an account and you can save your bibliographies for future access
    Next class you will use your research to create a Genetics Project Brochure due by the end of next class.
    Here is my sample: Trisomy 13 Brochure
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  • 3/7A & 3/8B

    Daily Question #33- What are 2 traits you inherited from your mom and 2 from your dad (these are genes, not personality traits)?

    Then take notes:  Genetics Notes Day 1 from Day 1 Genetics PPT

    And complete pages 1-4 of the Genetics Problem Packet.

    Make a vocabulary chart for chapter 6.3-6.6 on lined paper from the same sections (word, definition and keyword or picture). Vocabulary chart is due by March 13A & 14B.


    March 9A & 12B - Day 2 of Genetics

    Continue notes from the Dihybrid Crosses PPT then complete pages 5-8 of the Genetics Problem Packet. Vocab charts for Ch. 6.3-6.6 due next class.


    March 13A & 14B - Day 3 of Genetics

    Go through the Complex Patterns PPT and Sex Linked Traits PPT to see how to solve these kinds of problems. Then complete pages 9-12 of the Genetics Problems Packet. Vocab chart is due today.


    Pedigree Project - Extra Credit for Spring Break

    Due 4/3A & 4/4B in person or electronically.

    Track the trait of your choice (i.e. height, skin color, eye color, etc) through 3 generations of your family or at least 12 members of your family who are blood related to you.  Use the correct symbols and lines to show males, females, marriages, children, etc.  Make sure that all of the members of your family do NOT show the same trait. (My family tree would be super boring if I chose hair or eye color).  Be sure to name everyone (first names only is fine).  Provide a genotype if you are doing something that we have studied already and you know dominant or recessive like Brown Eyes (BB or Bb, blue eyes bb).  Or give heights of everyone if that's what you're doing.  The amount of points you will earn is dependent on your effort, the accuracy/neatness of your pedigree, and the type of trait you chose (polygenic or sex-linked traits take more effort and are worth more).

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