Mrs. Dwyer
    Classroom Number: J107
    Extension #: 3561
    Subject(s): Beginning Art, Advanced Art, AP Studio Art
     Welcome back to 4th Quarter! I am here for you. The best way to contact me is through email. If you need to talk to me please email your name and phone number, or we can use zoom, whatever works for you. 
    Looking for Beginning Art? On the Freedom High School Home page, Online/Distance Learning icon, Electives and you will find Beginning Art. 

    We will be trying out a few different options for turning in your artwork for the rest of the school year.  As of now, the main option will be taking a photo of your work and sending it via email to dwyerl@luhsd.net.  The first app/website we will be Turnitin.com. Many of you may have experience with this site already, I am learning it for the first time.  Below is listed each of my art classes with the info needed to turn in your work.                                           
    Methods for turning in your art assignments: (Keep scrolling, there is a lot of info)

    1) Turnitin: Use the following info to create an account/log into Turnitin.  As of now this will be the prefered way to turn in your assignments. So that email can be saved for communication.

    1st Period

    Class ID: 24497709 
    Class Enrollment key: BegArtP1

    2nd Period

    Class ID: 24497719
    Class Enrollment key: BegArtP2

    4th  Period

    Class ID: 24497730
    Class Enrollment key: BegArtP4

    5th  Period

    Class ID: 24468957
    Class Enrollment key: APstudio

    6th  Period- I fixed the codes for the second time... sorry. 

    Class ID: 24497684
    Class Enrollment key: AdvancedArt

    8th  Period

    Class ID: 24497737
    Class Enrollment key: BegArtP8

    2) Email: Take a picture of your schoolwork with you in it and email it to: dwyerl@luhsd.net