Welcome to the Distance Learning Program for my Life Skills classroom. 


    Here is the link to  "Good Morning from Mrs. B": No message today.  See you at the "Friday Hangout" meeting.

      "Community Outing":  See the Weekly Assignments pag on how to do a virtual visit to the Disneyland in Anaheim.  We will talk about it at Friday's class meeting.

    UNIQUE UNIT FOR MAY:  Go to the Additional Resources Page to find videos about the new topic.


             Ms. Brittany              Ms. Lexie

              Ms. Brittany                Ms. Lexie

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                              Mrs. B.                             

        Mrs. Caldwell     Ms. Princess      

                    Mrs. Caldwell                  Ms. Princess           


    On these pages you will find the Distance Learning Schedule, links to on-line content, and  instructions in text or video form videos giving guidance on how to use the support materials sent to your student. On this front page, I will post a daily "Good Morning from Mrs. B" message.

    In addition I will book a weekly online Zoom meeting appointment with you and your student, which will happen on Wednesday or Thursday during the week.  On Friday mornings, we will have a "Friday Hangout" meeting with as many students who can make it - I will send out a Zoom invite on the prior Wednesday.

    I welcome all feed back on the assignments,  as well as the on-line and off-line curriculum. Please email, text or call me about any needs and concerns you have about accessing content, supporting your student or comments on what works well or doesn't work for your student.  I will work to tailor the program to each student.

    Teaching via distance learning is new to me as well as our students.  I hope to make this a fun and creative experience for all of us, as well as continuing the education of our students.

    Mrs. B.