• Counseling at Heritage
    Counseling Crossroads
    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! At Heritage High School, our Counseling Department provides comprehensive services to all HHS students. We are here to support all students throughout their high school career by providing academic, college, career, and social-emotional counseling. 
    Each student is assigned to a counselor that represents their Small Learning Community (SLC). Students are encouraged to visit their SLC office before school, during lunch, or after school to speak with their counselor or to make an appointment.
    Parents and guardians may contact their student’s counselor by phone or e-mail. 
    **Please note that counselors will be working on change request forms through Friday August 9th and will notify students of approval/denial by sending a pass to their classrooms. 
    **Due to the large number of course request forms, counselors are unable to accommodate change requests made via phone or email. 
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    What do school counselors do?
     School counselors support all students by providing direct and indirect services. 
    • Direct services: 
      • Individual student planning
        • Assist students in evaluating interests, abilities and skill 
        • Assist students in short and long term goal setting (academic and career)
        • Assist students in developing four-year academic plans
        • Junior and senior credit checks to monitor progress towards graduation
      • Responsive services
        • Short term, solution focused individal or small group counseling 
        • Conflict mediation between peers
        • Crisis response for students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations
      • School Counseling Curriculum 
        • Targeted grade level presentations
        • A-G college entrance presentations
    • Indirect services: 
      • Consultation and Collaboration
        • Working directly with teachers and administration to support student achievement
      • Referrals
        • Support for students and families to school or community resources for additional assistance and information 

    Why should I, a student, come talk to my counselor?

    Counselors are here to help! Whether you have questions about grades, sucess strategies, life after graduation, family or peer relationships, bullying, identity struggles, anxiety, depression, anger, drug use, etc. the counselors are here to listen. Sessions with your counselor are private and remain confidential unless there is serious and forseeable harm to yourself or others. 

    Counselor Information

    SLC-A1: Kayla Morgan x 6016

    SLC-A2: Jenna Tioseco x 6116

    SLC-B: David Campos x 6026

    SLC-C: Mallu Moore x 6036

    SLC-D: Jackie Valdez x 6046

    Things to be aware of!
    Senior Night 5:30pm