Welcome to the Speech and Debate Club Website!

    In this club, we will work together to hone our rhetorical skills through friendly, yet rigorous discourse. Since this is a new club (Starting this year!), we will be discussing our visions and goals over the course of the year. So, if you are interested in building up a club from the ground up, please join us in our efforts to encourage honest and effective discussion and debate in our school and community! 

    Please see the calendar section below for information about upcoming meetings and activities. 

    While we have not officially decided anything yet, here is a list of potential Speech and Debate club activities:

    Lion's Club: While we have not had an official Speech and Debate club at Heritage before this year, we have been active in the annual Lion's Club competitions. This is a public speaking competition in scholarships from the second round up with a maximum prize of several thousand dollars. These competitions begin in February, but we will start preparing in November. I do not know the exact topic yet, but it will somehow involve distance learning.

    Potential Competitions: We would like to start participating in actual debate competitions, but it is probably a good idea to start small since it is our first year. We are considering holding competitions with Liberty since they are planning on starting a club this year as well. One of the goals for the year will probably involve researching local competitions to enter next year.

    Potential Non-Competitive Events: We might also take part in hosting events in which we invite people who use public speaking in their daily lives to come for Q and A sessions. As the hosts, we would be responsible for finding and inviting speakers, and then we could invite anyone in the school who wants to join. 


    Instagram: @hhsspeech.debate


    Advisor: Mr. Cauley

    President: Selin Webb
    Vice President: Tenisha Manoharan

    Secretary: William Trinh*
    Treasurer: Zach Carroll and Mary Zarate
    Webmaster: Alison Chiu and Lauren Linney
    *All meeting minutes are taken by William Trinh



Upcoming Speech and Debate Events