•  A Zoom account has been created for all certificated staff. What is Zoom?

    • Zoom will give you the ability to host audio or audio with a video call to anyone with an Internet connection and phone (in the case of an audio-only meeting), or device camera, and phone (or built-in mic) for an audio/video meeting.
    • Note: Only a host needs a Zoom account to hold a Zoom meeting.
    • Participants do not need a Zoom account to join meeting; they need access code information sent by the host, and an Internet connection (or phone only for audio).
    •   Zoom is an easy way to work remotely and stay in contact with parents, colleagues, etc., when on or off the school site.


    Some details:

    • Zoom has given us free licensing through June and will provide each of you the ability to host a meeting with up to 100 attendees.
    • Host and attendees can choose to phone in for audio or use a laptop (phone recommended for the reduction of echo with audio).
    • The host can choose to make themselves visible through video for attendees.
    • The host can share what is on their screen with attendees.



    • Zoom has a variety of tutorials linked here to get you started, and they are informative yet brief in the duration of time.
    • Should you choose to use it as a host, a video linked here will show you how to access Zoom via Office 365. Video has Close Captioning (CC), but you may need to click anywhere on the screen to remove “play” banner from the bottom of the screen to view CC.


    For when you are an attendee, a useful resource for users (remember, they do not need Zoom account to join) will be:


    For when you desire to be a host, some tutorials most useful may be:


    Some etiquette and norms for both host and attendees to consider when video conferencing are:


    • Ensure your technology works correctly. Test Before each scheduled video conference.
    • Be on time, whether hosting or attending.
    • If attending the meeting (not hosting), mute yourself when not speaking. This minimizes unnecessary noise to the group.
    • Avoid talking over others. Use wait time before speaking to avoid interrupting others. If hosting, verbally check-in with the group as needed to check for understanding of the message.
    • Pay attention and avoid multi-tasking. Treat the video conference as though you were physically attending the meeting.
    • If on video, wear work-appropriate clothing as you would if physically with attendees.
    • If on video, frame the camera correctly and have ample light. Your face should not take up the entire image of the video, and be thoughtful of your background. A solid background with minimal background visuals is recommended.
    • If hosting, use technology features as a means to engage attendees such as “reactions” from Zoom, screen sharing, chat function, etc. 

    In the event support is needed please place work order through a link embedded in [clever.com]clever.com


    Happy Zoom-ing all, and again, stay tuned for more support resources for you shortly!


    Todd Airola

    Director of Technology

    Liberty Union High School District

    20 Oak St. Brentwood CA 94513