• Distinguished School
    Name: Don Sanders
    Classroom Number: ES104
    Email Address: sandersd@luhsd.net
    Anatomy&Physiology, Chemistry In Earth Systems

    General Info: 

         All assigments MUST have STUDENT NAME, and PEROID in the Title line for each e-mail 


    Chemistry in Earth Systems:

         Students with Limited Technology Access-

          -Assigmnet for April 6th to April 10th  **Due Date April 13th**

         ** Turn in this paper copy into the Front Office with STUDENT NAME, and CLASS PEROID**


         Students with Technology Access-

         -Go to the Chemistry in the Earth page and follow directions



    Anatomy & Physiology

         Students with Limited Technology Access-

          Urinary Assigment April 6-10th (Due Monday April 13th)       


         Students with Technology Access-

          Go to the Anatomy & Physiology Assigmnents page select Urinary System April 6-10th