Welcome to Heritage High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC)
    Senior Aerospace Science Instructor: Lt Col B. Morris, USAF (ret)
    Aerospace Science Instructor: MSgt R. Pash, USAF (ret)
    CA-20144 Group Commander:c/Major Joe Ponticelli
    Deputy Group Commander c/Major Mickey Brainerd


    JROTC Class Picture  
     United States Air Force JROTC
    (2017-2018), (2018-2019)
    "Distinguished Unit"
    (2016-2017) (2019-2020)
    "Distinguished Unit with Merit" 

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    President: c/Maj Ponticelli
    Vice President: c/Maj Brainerd
    Student Advisor: c/Major  Rojas
    Student Advisor: c/Capt Atienza
    Treasurer: c/A1C Erika Morris
    HHS Staff Advisor: Lt Col Morris
    Club Officer Meetings:
    Club Purpose:
    The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps strives to "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.”
    (Mission quote courtesy of www.airuniversity.af.edu)
    Students will learn about leadership, teamwork, fitness, aviation, and military culture as well as enjoy access to a tremendous amount of extra-curricular activities and field trips with a close group of friends. Students can earn rank, awards, and have fun!
    Classes include Leadership, Space Exploration, Science of Flight, Survival, Drill, and much more.
    JROTC is open to students at Heritage, Liberty and Freedom High Schools.
    There is no military obligation for participating in JROTC.  All students are welcome.