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    2019-20 Mrs. Shanker's Schedule

    1st <Prep> (Jazz Band in the Choir Room)

    2nd Women's Chorus (beginning)

    3rd Chamber Choir (advanced and by instructor approval)

    4th Intro to Music (Semester)

    5th AP Music Theory (advanced)

    6th Men's Chorus (beginning)

    7th <Prep>

    8th A Cappella Choir (intermediate; ladies only this year)



    Class Descriptions:

    • Intro To Music is a new class for the 2018-19 school year that will be one semester long.  This is an excellent opportunity for all students to dip their toes in a music class.  We will learn how to read music notation as well as apply that knowledge in fun rhythm, pitch, and singing games.  Students will work in groups to perform songs in class using classroom instruments or their own!  If you have always wanted to learn a bit more about music, this is your chance to start from the very beginning.
    • Women's Chorus and Men's Chorus are beginning level groups.  Any student can register for these classes.  Students will learn music from a variety of genres, discover vocal skills, and develop skills in reading music notation (rhythm, note names, solfege (DO-RE-MI), as well as sight singing and ear training skills.  This class can be repeated.
    • A Cappella Choir is an intermediate level group for all 10th-12th grade students who have taken and passed at least one year of choir in high school.  No audition is required.  Students should already understand the fundamentals of music notation covered in the beginning level choirs.  Students profficient in reading music notation from instrumental music classes, may appeal to Mrs. Shanker to skip the beginning level choir and start in A Cappella Choir.  This class can be repeated.
    • Chamber Choir (Select Singers) is an advanced group. Singers must have taken at least and passed one year of choir  and have audition approval from Mrs. Shanker.  This choir sings advanced repertoire from all genres in 4-8 part harmony with only 24-32 singers.  Students study advanced sight reading, ear training, and notation skills.  If you would like to audition for this class, but you have not taken choir in high school, please contact Mrs. Shanker for the possibility of an audition.  This class can be repeated.
    • Vocal Master Class focuses on solo and small ensemble work in the following genres: classical, pop, jazz, barbershop, and musical theater.  Students will assemble a portfolio of music repertoire covering all the genres listed and record them to be used for future college audition submissions and professional auditions.  This course is for personal growth in students' vocal skills, leadership, organizational, and inter-personal skills for working with others in music.  Students must have taken and passed at least one year of choir, should be concurrently (at the same time) enrolled in any choir class, and have instructor approval.  This class can be repeated.  This class is offered every other year and will not be offered this year.  Enroll for 2019-2020!!!
    • AP Music Theory is a very advanced music notation based class.  Students should be proficient in reading music, have mastered skills on an instrument or voice, AND be concurrently (at the same time) enrolled in a music performance ensemble class.  This class is meant for Juniors and Seniors, however Sophomores can enroll if space is available and they feel ready for the extreme workload and advanced study of music.  Students do not have to take the AP test in the spring.  Students who take this class as a Sophomore or Junior may be able to Peer Tutor or Teacher's Aid the same class the following year (assuming the class is offered that year) and take the AP test then.  For more information, click the link to Mrs. Shanker's AP Music Theory page.  You should also visit the official AP website which shows a sample test at: AP Music Theory Information

    Vocal Music Program Flow Chart

    Students with space in their class schedules, may enroll in multiple choir classes simultaneously.
    This is encouraged!
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