• Academies At Heritage High

    The education plan for Heritage High School incorporates Career Academies into the course offerings.


    The Academies are:

    •  Health Academy
    •  Technology Academy
    •  Arts and Entrepreneurial Academy
    •  Public Services Academy




    Each Career Academy is further divided into Pathways which provide a focused educational program that allows students to explore and expand skills and knowledge in course content as it relates to careers in which they are interested.

    Students are not required to enroll in a Career Academy, but if they choose to, they will receive recognition during graduation if a pathway is successfully completed.

    For more details, select "Academy Pathways" on the right. Each Pathway has REQUIRED COURSES and some EXTRA classes that you may choose for a TOTAL of 50 credits. You must have 50 credits to complete a Pathway and receive recognition.

    To apply:click on the link to the right, Academy Application, download the application, print it out, fill it out, scan (use your phone and a scan app) and email the application to:

     boy writing


    Heritage High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.