• Hello! Welcome to the HHS Amateur Radio Club page.

    President: (club officers needed...see below)

    Advisor: Mr. Holmes

    Remind code: text @HHSRadio to 81010

    Meetings Online for now, Wednesdays after school, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.


    Photos of radios   Image of FT8 digital mode

    I am Mr. Holmes, and I am looking to start up an amateur radio club at HHS, if there is interest by students.

    One major goal would be to get students licensed and operating on the air. This hobby is very diverse, whether you are interested in being able to work public events or help in emergency situations and public service, or experiment with low power contacts overseas, antenna building, contacting satellites, digital modes, etc. You can enjoy this hobby if you're very shy, or very chatty, and the whole spectrum in between. You don't need to be a math or electronics expert, but you'll find that a lot grows and makes sense as you experiment.

    If this club can get up and running with student interest, we could also apply for a call sign for our school radio station.  We have a number of locals with decades of experience, who are willing to help out, either as guest presenters in Zoom, or -once everything is safe to meet in person- building your own antennas and getting started with your own radios.  There is a lot we can do over Zoom.

    I am excited to share what I have learned since I first got licensed in 2018. 

    So...if you're interested in learning more, we need to get started with a few students and actually establish the club at HHS. We'd need a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and possibly a historian, and any other club members interested.

    Please email me at holmess (at) luhsd.net if you would like to help start this club.

    We could meet Wednesdays after school, on Zoom and eventually in person. 


    Photos above are of the equipment we have in my classroom so far. We do have an antenna to work with either of these radios.