• Hello! Welcome to the HHS Amateur Radio Club page.

    Club Call Sign: W6HHS

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    President: Joaquin De Amorrortu

    Vice President: Ryan Sanders

    Secretary: Neil Trehan

    Treasurer: Luke Pathe

    Advisors: Mr. Holmes and Mr. Schneider

    Remind code: text @HHSRadio to 81010

    Meetings Online and In-Person (Room C-114), Wednesdays after school, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

    All minutes are located in the club documents.


    Photos of radios   Image of FT8 digital mode

    Steps to getting started are below, following my main club info.

    Mr. Holmes and Mr. Schneider are the club's Advisors and welcome you to the new HHS Amateur Radio Club.

    One major goal of the club is to help students get licensed to operating on the air. This hobby is very diverse, whether you are interested in being able to work public events or help in emergency situations and public service, or experiment with low power contacts overseas, antenna building, contacting satellites, digital modes, etc. You can enjoy this hobby if you're very shy, or very chatty, and the whole spectrum in between. You don't need to be a math or electronics expert, but you'll find that a lot grows and makes sense as you experiment.

    Photos above are of the equipment we have in the classroom so far, plus 4 handheld radios for practice (not pictured).


    Some early steps to getting started:

    Practice exam...once you get licensed, you can operate on amateur radio frequencies...so here are two practice sites. No need to seek "paid" practice sites.  You may need to create a login and password. These are two possible places to get started.

    The Technician license is the enrty level test to get you on the air, with basic privileges on several "bands" or a range of frequencies on the air. The tests are simply rote memorization, so passing is easily achievable...the understanding of how the bands and frequencies works will grow on you over time.



    After practicing and earning passing practice exam scores, I can then recommend online testing sites or some local testing. An example would be online testing through 


    If you find after a while that you'd like more privileges, you can then pursue the General license. It's a bit more work, but I can help. I had the Technicial license for a year before earning my General license.

    View of Mt. Diablo with repeaters