Distinguished School
     School Year 2019-2020
    Name: Gianna Sacco-Alexander                                    
    Classroom Number: D114/HR106               Voice Messages:  (925)634-0037 
    Email Address: alexandergi@luhsd.net                                     ext. 6414
    Subject(s):  Vocational Transition, Tutorial Support,
                         Parallel Living Earth
    Remind #'s for each class to text:    
    Directions: Please text to -81010   Then, select a class to text message.
    Voc Tran 1 period: @8bd378           TS period 2:  @e9k6ab
    Voc Tran 5 period: @kh9kfb            TS period 7:  @a2ef3e 
    Living Earth period 8: @d7e9d2
    Office Hours Mon.-Fri for each class:
    • Vocational Transition Class- 8-10am
    • Tutorial Support-10-12pm
    • Living Earth-1-3pm     

    Please contact via email to schedule an appointment for Zoom for additional

    assistance with assignments and/or questions.

                         Stay Safe and Healthy! 

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