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    Name: Mrs. Lynette Brown
    Classroom Number: D 101 
    Email Address: Brownl@luhsd.net
    Subject: World History
    Parent Portal Link:  http://parents.luhsd.net
    Instructions for Parent Portal: http://luhsd.net/parentportal
    Hi World History Students!
    Assignments will be updated weekly by Monday at 9am and will be due by email the following Friday evening by 11:59pm. All completed distance assignments must be turned in to me at brownl@luhsd.net by attaching them as pictures or documents. 
    If you run into any difficulties or need clarification, do not hesitate to email me at brownl@luhsd.net.
    Mrs. Brown
    Week 1:April 6 – 10, 2020
    Assignments for Students:  
    Click here for Asignment for Students with Internet Access Do this if you do have internet access.
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