• dhs
    Name: Mrs. Lynette Brown
    Classroom Number: D 101 
    Email Address: Brownl@luhsd.net
          Period 1: World History
          Period 2: World History
          Period 4: World History
          Period 5: Freshman Leadership
          Period 7: Tutorial Support
          Period 8: Tutorial Support
    Parent Portal Link:  http://parents.luhsd.net
    Instructions for Parent Portal: http://luhsd.net/parentportal
    Welcome to a new year!
    To access my Canvas page and zoom information you need to log into your Clever account. Once you are there, you will see a link for Canvas. Once there, find the period you have me and click on that tile. On the class home page scroll down to see the zoom link. While you're there, check out my welcome video!
    Can't wait to meet you!
    Mrs. Brown