• Before Requesting a Transcript – PLEASE READ:

    UC/CSU: Neither system requires transcripts at the time of application. However, as part of an augmented or supplemental review some students may receive special requests from a particular UC or CSU campus to supply a transcript – thus some UC and CSU campuses MAY request a 7th semester transcript AFTER the grades are posted in December. This CAN be in addition to the FINAL transcript. Unless otherwise requested, it is likely that you only need to submit a FINAL transcript. A final transcript includes all four years of high school work, plus verification that the high school diploma has been earned.

    *Out of state and private colleges many times do in fact request a transcript at time of application OR a 7th semester transcript, in addition to the final transcript. 

    Transcript Request Form
    *Official transcripts can be requested and sent by visting the link located here.