Welcome to My TEACHER PAGE

    Name: Laurie Laprade

    Classroom Number: ET-102

    Email Address: lapradel@luhsd.net

    Subject(s): Design 1, Design 2,  

    AP Art History


    I teach the electives below:

    Design 1 is a class that teaches you all kinds

    of cool software to create 

    eye catching designs and unique projects.

    We work with the basics that all designers

    need to understand. 

    If you like art and want to explore posible careers

    in design this is the class for you.

    Projects we did this year: Web Pages,

    Posters, Videos, Flyers, Games, Collages,

    Sound Design, Storyboards and more...


    Design 2 is a class that explores character development

    and design. We create stories for characters that are

    developed from scratch.

    Our heros and villains come to life with

    software programs like Medibang. These characters

    will star in either movies, video games, and/or virtual experiences

    designed by the students in the course.

    If you are imaginatve and like to design characters

    and the worlds they inhabit, this is the class for you.

    Pre- Requisite: Design 1.


    AP Art History: Seriously, you will NEVER SEE the world

    the same way again. It's the "best" of a history course.

    Why? Because artists don't

    draw boring stuff.

    The best of history in pictures!

    What's not to love?
















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