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    Distinguished School
    Name: Mindy Sanders
    Classroom Number: ES105
    Email Address: sandersm@luhsd.net
    Office Hrs.: Please e-mail questions to sandersm@luhsd.net.  (In-Depth questions can be conferenced through zoom by arrangement)
    Schedule 2019-2020
           A day                                               B day
    1st:   Prep                                              5th:  AP Chemistry
    2nd:  Chemistry in Earth Systems         6th:  Prep
    3rd:   Chemistry in Earth Systems         7th:  Chemistry in Earth Systems
    4th:   Chemistry in Earth Systems         8th:  Chemistry in Earth Systems

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    APChemistry (please SIGN in and go to Calendar page) 

    > students with limited or NO access to technology:

      > Periodic Table Spring Break Assignment, electron configuration power pointPES Power Pointperiodic trends PPT 

      > Assignment for April 6 through April 10 , Beer's Law Lab

      > Assignment for April 13 through April 17, Intramolecular Forces PPT

    > students with technology (please SIGN in and go to calendar page)

       > Periodic Table Spring Break Assignment (DUE Mon. April 13th, 9am)

       > Assignment for April 6 through April 10

       >  Assignment for April 13 through April 17, Intramolecular Forces PPT


    Chemistry in Earth Systems 

    > students with limited or NO access to technology:

       > Assignment for April 6 thru April 10 DUE by Mon April 13 

         (turn in to Front office w/ Your Name & Period or e-mail to sandersm@luhsd.net) 


     > students with technology: (please SIGN in and go to Climate Change Tab)

       > Assignment for April 6 through April 10 on Climate Change Tab (Due by Mon. April 13th, 9am)


    AP Chemistry - is a college level class approved by the college board which teaches advanced chemistry concepts and prepares students to take the ap exam in chemistry.  This enables students to aim to bypass an introductory year of college chemistry and lab class.  Credit = 10 units
    Chemistry in Earth Systems - is a college preparatory class designed to prepare students for the physical science State of California content standards in the subject.  This course meets the UC and CSU elective requirement.  Credit = 10 units
    A Little Bit About Me...
    I have a passion for family, the outdoors, and taking on a challenge. 
    I lived in France for 2 years when I was younger and I speak fluent French.  In college I had the opportunity to stay in Japan for a summer and work on a carnation farm with a Japanese family.  I hope to share this love of adventure with my kids as they get older.
    I graduated from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo and worked as a geotechnical engineer in construction for 6 years whereupon I was injured on the job and volunteered in a chemistry classroom.  I absolutely love teaching chemistry to teen-agers  because of the positive spirits of my students and the challenge of trying to make a difficult subject fun and easy to understand. 
    After finding out teaching was a profession I really liked, I made a career change and went to Cal State University, Hayward to get my teaching credential and a master degree and, lucky for me, I met my husband while in the university program. 
    We live in Brentwood and we now have three children, Emily (14), and our twins Ian (11) and Siena (11) ...oh, and can't forget our very energetic boxer puppy "Toby" (4 1/2).  Be sure to say "hello" if you see us riding our bikes to school!
    I fell so blessed to be in high school classroom as a teacher encouraging, and motivating students.  This is my 19th year of teaching and I love it ; I look forward to passing that joy in chemistry on to many more students for many more years.